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2nd Amendment, Gun Rights, Constitutional Carry

Constitutional carry simply means the U.S. Constitution is your permit to carry. 27 other states currently have constitutional carry, and North Carolina is not yet one of them. 2nd Amendment rights shall not be infringed. As your next state Representative, I will work with my colleagues to make permitless constitutional carry the law of the land in our state. This is well past-due.

K-12 Education

We do not need more political rhetoric, we need solutions that will deliver results for our community. Businesses are moving operations elsewhere because the children in our community are not getting the decent foundational education they need to succeed in their work after school. The system is failing them.

We need to inspire the next generation to show them the value of hard work. As your next Representative, I will collaborate with other elected officials, police officers, and business owners to go into the schools and talk to kids about success, helping them to envision their own futures. That is what we need. We need an attitude change, not another political talking point.

Community Colleges & Job Training

The current career and employment landscape is shifting faster than ever before. Specialized careers in certain trades involving computer technology, nursing, drone innovation, and supply chain management are creating opportunities for our young people to learn skills in high school that they can perfect through a trade or vocational school environment. As your next state Representative, I will work to enhance and improve the career and technical education offerings in Hoke and Scotland Counties so that our youth can find their passion and work in a career that provides them with a good living wage without having to attend a four year university.

Medical Freedom

It's crucial to approach individuals who champion "medical freedom" with caution when they fail to clarify their position. I firmly stand against government mandates for untested and potentially hazardous vaccines. While acknowledging the remarkable contribution of vaccines in the past, such as the eradication of measles, mumps, polio, and rubella, I remain committed to the principles of limited government intervention. Furthermore, I vehemently oppose government-imposed shutdowns, like those witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they can have detrimental economic and personal liberty consequences. Lastly, I maintain my unwavering stance against abortion being equated with medical freedom, firmly believing that the sanctity of life should be protected.

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